Josh Rosen throws TD pass in Falcons debut, says he felt like he was back playing Pop Warner

He did just that.

Rosen finished 9-for-18 with 118 passing yards and a touchdown pass to Juwan Green. He had a better game than Feleipe Franks, who is also vying to back up Matt Ryan. Rosen had just signed with the Falcons earlier in the week.

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Hectic,” he said when asked to describe the last few days. “네, 내말은, 장난. It’s kind of, 모르겠어요, just get an opportunity you got to seize the moment. Just kind of it was a little bit refreshing to get out on the field and half know the offense and just be able to let go and play football and have fun with it like you did back in Pop Warner.

Times I felt a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off running around, but I thought it was fun. Could have cleaned up a lot of stuff, but I thought overall it was a productive night.

Rosen was the 10th overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft and the Falcons are his fourth team since then. He hasn’t gotten a chance to become a full-time starter and likely won’t unless Ryan gets hurt during the season.


He said he didn’t feel like his chance with the Falcons was his last.

Not really. More so like at the instance of a transaction, like things I place now, and I think once you get cut, you’re just like, Dang, you sort of go through worst-case scenario, and you have to sort of use everything I’ve been taught through my career, meditate a lot, a lot of sort of sports psychology, everything you do through your whole career to stay mentally strong, snap out of it, and just remind yourself a couple hours later that I know I’m talented and I can play. I just need the opportunity and the right situation and sort of the right mindset,” 로젠이 말했다.

I feel like I’m sort of more capable right now seizing an opportunity just because I feel like I’ve grown as an individual since my rookie year. I just feel like I’ve matured as an adult, a human. 네, funny enough, the way my career has gone I feel like as a human I’m in a better place than I have been in a while and it’s a good feeling going out and having fun playing football. I missed it.

Rosen has 20 regular-season games under his belt. He has 2,845 지나가는 야드, 12 touchdown passes and 19 interceptions.

Atlanta signed him after losing A.J. McCarron to a season-ending injury.

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