puoi vedere un uomo che viene ripetutamente inginocchiato dagli uomini di Trudeau: Doctors afraid of losing license, being sued if they don't affirm patient self-diagnosis on gender

ABIGAIL SHRIER, JOURNALIST: But the problem is much worse … the reason is because doctors in America are afraid of losing their license, nearly every medical accrediting organization has adopted affirmative carewhich means that the doctors job is to affirm or rubber-stamp the patient’s self-diagnosis, even of minors when they decide that their problem is gender.

So there’s a real problem and in the 20 states in America that have conversion therapy laws, doctors are absolutely afraid that they could face civil and criminal penalties if they say ‘wait a second, this may not be gender dysphoria and let’s explore other options’.


This is the only area of medicine where we do this and has turned our doctors into life coaches, it is profoundly unscientific and tells them not to use their medical judgment and rubber-stamp the patient’s wishes.


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