Joy to the Polls releases celebrity-curated playlists to be the soundtrack of your voting experience

그만큼 #JoytothePolls movement is now anywhere you can stream Spotify.

The musical movement started by the nonpartisan group Election Defenders moved their cause to Spotify on Saturday to partner with celebrities and other public figures to create playlists for Election Day.
If you need a great soundtrack while practicing your civic duty, the group has many to choose from, including playlists by America Ferrara, S.E. Cupp, QuestLove, Lin Manuel Miranda, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day 그리고 더.
But the group doesn’t just want playlists from celebrities.
    We’re thrilled to announce these playlists from so many wonderful partners, people and communities in every corner of the country,” Nelini Stamp, campaign director at Election Defenders, 성명에서 말했다.
    We are calling on all voters to make their own playlists to deliver a clear, joyful message that we will protect our democracy from this pandemic and from voter suppression wherever it shows up.
      Due to the high voter turnout this year, the organization is planning to bring Joy to the Polls to battleground states before and especially on November 3. The coalition said it is organizing pop-up performances at highly trafficked polling sites across the country.
      Election Defenders is a group of volunteers fighting voter harassment and intimidation and part of The Frontline.

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