JR Smith 83 in collegiate golf debut

Not unlike many other college newbies hitting the course for the first time, Smith had some jitters 말함 ESPN: “I was nervous. 나는 ~였다. I didn’t really know what to expect.

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Smith started slow, shooting a 12-over-par 83 in the opening round, before bouncing back with a 7-over-par 78 in the second tournament’s second round.

He found out today that collegiate golf is not easy,” said N.C. ㅏ&티 코치 Richard Watkins via the school’s website. “I thought he did well. We are pleased, but we are not pleased to the point of satisfaction. But I thought he had a good showing today.

스미스, 36, who hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy as a member of the Lakers championship team exactly one year before his NCAA golf debut, birdied three times at the Phoenix Invitational. He had two birdies in the opening round and a third on a 564-yard par 5 of Monday’s second round.

That first 18 was just to get his feet wet. Then he buckled down, and I was really pleased with what he did that second 18, because education doesn’t come cheap,” 추가 Watkins. “And I think he learned some lessons out there today.

Following his up and down performance, Smith is now eager to hone his skills.

It was actually a very humbling feeling,” 말했다 스미스, ESPN당. “다시, I’m ready to go to that range to work on it. 나는 재미 있었다, but I don’t like losing,”

Smith and his Aggie teammates entered Tuesday in 11th place (밖으로 13 팀) prior to the morning’s third and final round.




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