Judge allows Summer Zervos' defamation lawsuit against Trump to proceed now that he's out of office

A New York appeals court on Tuesday paved the way for a defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump to move forward.

在一个 one-sentence order, the appeals court granted the request form Summer Zervos, a former contestant onThe Apprentice,” to dismiss Trump’s appeal now that he is no longer in office.
Zervos sued Trump for defamation after he denied her allegations that he sexually assaulted her in 2007. The case had been delayed over questions of whether the US constitution bars a state court from exercising jurisdiction over the president while he or she is in office.
    案子, which has been on hold since January 2020, will now proceed before the trial court. Zervos is seeking to depose Trump as part of her lawsuit.
      Zervos has alleged that Trump kissed her twice on the lips during a lunch meeting in his New York City office, and on a separate occasion in Beverly Hills, she alleges he kissed her aggressively and touched her breast.
          Trump has denied the allegations.