Judge Jeanine calls on Americans to recall soft-on-crime politicians


자닌 파이로: You are no longer safe in America. Your government is not protecting you. The police cannot protect you. 간단히 말해서, you’re on your own. Something has radically changed in America. Crime is coming out of nowhere and is hitting like a thunderbolt.

There’s only one way to end this, and it is to get involved in every local race from town council, city council, county legislature to judge, 기부, school board, sheriff and every other state office where you live. I believe our power will be based in the states in the future, which is where this change must begin. We need to recall those in office who are failing us in the oath that they took to protect the citizens and the Constitution. We’ve got to be vocal. We must peacefully protest decisions made that we do not agree with. It is time for us to be visible and vocal, to peaceably assemble, to let the world and the rest of them know that we are not sitting ducks waiting to be assaulted, that we have a strength and a determination to get this country back on track. And that means holding those in power accountable and jailing – 예, 나는 말했다, locking upthose who are victimizing innocent human beings. They should not be roaming freely among us. I have no tolerance for them or the so-calledsocial justice warriorswho want me to think I’m wrong because I believe in consequences and law and order. You’re damn right I do, and I won’t stop. And neither should you until we get America back on track.


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