Jeanine 판사: Joe Biden is the only person destroying the country

판사 제닌 피로: The only person who’s destroying this country is Joe Biden. Joe Biden has made a decision that he wants 2 백만, 4 백만, 6 백만 illegal immigrants to enter this country. And the problem is, if you remember, three years ago, if we said there was a surge at the border, we were racist. 잘, now it is a damn invasion, 괜찮은? And it’s an invasion that the United Nations, of all people, says it’s the deadliest trip on Earth, 괜찮은? The problem is not just what’s happening to them on the way here. The problem is what is going on once they get here, the people who are coming here and, 알 잖아, are I’m not going to say they’re good, bad or indifferent. I don’t know who the hell they are. I want to know what their record is. I want to know who’s a drug dealer. I want to know who’s a pedophile. I want to know who’s a drunk, who wants to kill his wife. I want to know all this stuff.





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