Judge Jeanine Pirro teases 'Faith and Freedom Coalition' conference, second season of 'Castles'

All you need to do to see me and many other great speakers is go to Foxnation.com and sign up now,” 皮罗鼓励.


Fox Nation will host live streams of the speeches from June 17-19. Subscribers can watch all the biggest moments from the conference in Florida; those who have yet to subscribe can have access to a 30-day free trial to Fox Nation by entering the promo code FAITH at sign-up.

Pirro also took time during Saturday’s ‘Justice’ episode to tease the upcoming season of her show ‘Castles USA.

Teaming up with 福克斯民族 为一个 系列 that explores the rich history of some of the United Statesmost resplendent estates, Pirro’s Castles USA offers viewers a rare glimpse into the art, architecture and culture of five of the country’s hidden gems.

系列, which features buildings inspired by Medieval, Gothic, Byzantine, and Italian Renaissance architecture, examines the stories behind the magical structures and the people who once occupied them.

I was just in beautiful Miami shooting a new episode of my 福克斯民族 表演, ‘Castles USA’ this week,” announced Pirro, “touring the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens… We’re preparing for our second season, and you’re gonna love it.

Details for the second installment have yet to be released, but fans of the series are sure to be able to watch Judge Jeanine explore more American sights this year.

福克斯新闻’ Yael Halon contributed to this report.

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