Judge Jeanine rips BLM leaders misspending donations

ジェニー・ピロ: Do the corporations that gave them money consider themselves extorted? というのは, did they do it for virtue signaling, as Greg just talked about, or did they do it because they felt they didn’t want to be boycotted or, ええと… It’s like the mob coming in and saying… “You want protection? Give us the money.


What’s most interesting about this is that the nation’s political culture has played a role in the crime that occurred during the pandemic and right after George Floyd’s murder, because we know that in Democrat-leaning cities, more African-Americans were killed or were victims of murder than they were in White-leaning Republican cities.

そう, 同時に, the crime is going up in the Black communities, you’ve got this Patrisse Cullors, who’s no better than a two-bit scammer that I prosecuted for years, who’s out there saying, “I want to take money for Black Lives Matter, ええと, you people.Whether she wants to call it White guilt, doesn’t matter. She used it to enrich herself, her baby daddy, 彼女の兄弟.

She gave more than five times the money for the Trayvon Martin Foundation to her baby daddyand I think that these people have to be prosecuted. Forget about the corporations. あのね? They got suckered. They get suckered all the time and I’m disgusted with them, but that’s not the big issue. The big issue is that this woman is now complaining that it’s being weaponized against her.

あのね? Let me show you the penal code. That’s being weaponized. When they bring the justice system against you for the scamming the way they just did to an activist BLM leader in Boston who faces fraud charges for laundering 2020 donations for personally enriching themselves. This is where we need the hand of justice to come in and start prosecuting these people. It’s not your piggy bank and how dare you cause division because you just want to make money for yourself.