Judge Jeanine says Joe Biden is a 'puppet'; says Putin would have 'mopped the floor with him'

JEANINE PIRRO: He came to us a Trojan Horse, promising to be a moderate, affable, and conciliatory president. One who could reach across the aisle and unify the nation. Instead, this so-called moderate began by immediately canceling the XL Keystone Pipeline, destroying American jobs and America’s energy independence along with it, earning him accolades from far-left progressives like AOC and Bernie Sanders. But Joe is more than a Trojan Horse. He is a puppet. The question, of course, is who is pulling the strings? Who in the White House is calling the shots? Who in truth is running our country? 

Now, the fact that Joe Biden didn’t have the fortitude, stamina, or hutzpa to stand next to Russian President Vladimir Putin was an embarrassment for the United States. Bilateral stand-up press conferences are a must for virtually every world leader who meets with our president. But not here. And no one gave us a reason. So Biden simply ceded a platform to the Russian president to blow his own horn, and then trash us, saying as president he would never tolerate the kind of activity the United States has tolerated by Black Lives Matter and the anarchy on our streets. 

Of late, it seems to be a habit for leaders of other countries to trash us, like the Chinese trashing Secretary of State Blinkin in Alaska, and the Guatemala president telling Kamala Harris that if she enforced our laws, we wouldn’t have an immigration problem. So Biden comes out saying he stayed out of trouble by avoiding that joint press conference. It’s pretty clear he wouldn’t be able to stand up to the ex-KGB intel agent who would have mopped the floor with him. 

But why is this man always talking about getting in trouble? 


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