Judge Jeanine slams Gwen Berry for protesting flag: 'She doesn't have a clue'

판사 제닌: She’s living the American Dream, and she doesn’t have a clue. 내일, as we celebrate Independence Day, sadly in our country, it is far too common to see people who don’t respect our national anthem or our flag. So this week, we see another woke activist athlete who turns her back on the American flag and is outraged that the national anthem is playing as she is recognized for hammer throwing at the Olympic trials in Oregon. At the end of the song, she covers her head with a black t-shirt with the words ‘activist athletes.’

Her competitors, first place winner DeAnna Price and second place Brooke Anderson stood tall, faced the flag, and put their hands over their hearts. 지금, in the upside-down world we live in, if you criticize this woman for turning her back on the American Flag, you’re a racist or unamerican for not supporting her free speech.

지금, my favorite, Joy Baher, 하나, insists that this activist athlete is fulfilling her patriotic duty by protesting…Joy, she’s not hurting anybody? She’s hurting every man and woman whose blood was spilled for that flag, including patriotic Black men and women, who chose to enlist and chose to fight for what you find so repulsive. She is hurting every parent who lost a child, every spouse who lost a loved one, every child growing up without a father, and every veteran who can’t stand up because he lost his legs.

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