Regter beveel dat die distrik New York vir Republikein gesertifiseer moet word in die laaste onopgeloste kongreswedstryd van 2020

A New York judge ordered the State Board of Elections to certify Republican Claudia Tenney as the winner in New York’s 22nd Congressional District Friday, die laaste onopgeloste ras van die 2020 election closer to a final resolution.

The ruling comes after months of disputes over the vote count and it puts Tenney, who represented the district from 2017 aan 2019, 109 votes ahead of Democrat Anthony Brindisi, who defeated Tenney in 2018.
The State Board will certify the results as directedby the judge, John Conklin, the New York State Board of Elections director of public information, het Vrydag aan CNN gesê. “That could be as early as Monday.
Tenney claimed victory. “I’m honored to have won this race,” she said in a statement posted to Twitter. “It was a hard-fought-campaign and I thank Anthony Brindisi for his service. Now that every legal vote has been counted, it’s time for the results to be certified.
    Brindisi said in a statement that he’sshocked and surprisedby the ruling, and called fora full audit and hand recount.
    Higher courts could still revisit the counts and Brindisi could contest the election in the House of Representatives. In die verklaring, his campaign said Brindisiremains committed to ensuring an accurate result to the contest.
    State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte ruled that those avenues meant having the election certified wouldn’t causeirreparable harmto Brindisi because the Housesits as the final judge of the elections of its members.
    DelConte faulted the county boards of election for their handling of the election but defended the integrity of the final process.
      As a result of this special proceeding, every single valid vote that was cast in New York’s 22nd Congressional District has been accounted for, and counted,” DelConte wrote.
      The race is one of two major House elections that have been contested since the November election. Iowa GOP Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks was seated after winning her election against Democrat Rita Hart by six votes. Hart has asked the House Administration Committee to count at least 22 other votes.

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