Judge sides with Britney Spears in ongoing court battle with her father over finances

Aunque Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship has ended, the legal battle over her finances is still going on.

The singer’s attorney, Mateo Rosengart, faced off in court on Wednesday against attorney Alex Weingarten, who now represents the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears.
Judge Brenda Penny ruled against a request from the elder Spears for Britney Spears to set aside money from her $ 60 million estate in a reserve to potentially cover legal fees, which would include her father’s.
    CNN attended the hearing where Rosengart and Weingarten argued over whether the Grammy winner should be responsible for the latest round of legal fees incurred throughout her conservatorship.
      The singer’s father was the conservator of his daughter’s finances and oversaw her medical decisions for more than a decade before he was suspended late last year.
        Court documents filed by Rosengart ahead of the hearing and obtained by CNN, state that the pop star’s father allegedly paid himself $ 6 million from his daughter’s estate during the conservatorship, and that the estate had paiddozens of different law firmsper Jamie Spearspetitions throughout the conservatorship, totaling more than $ 30 millón.
        The documents also allege that the elder Spears attempted to use his daughter’s fame and resources in a plan to pitch a television show to the Cooking Channel in 2015 noble, “CookinCruzinand Chaos with Jamie Spears.
          CNN has reached out to Weingarten to clarify whether he ever did formally pitch the show.
          Durante la audiencia, Weingarten requested that the judge unseal the singer’s medical records, arguing thatthe public has the right to knowthe full picture.
          En una entrevista con Variedad following the hearing, Rosengart called that requestoutrageous.
          The lawyers also argued over whether Jamie Spears illegally placed recording devices throughout his daughter’s home during her conservatorship. Weingarten disputed that claim, stating the allegation wasfake or taken out of context.Rosengart hit back and called Weingarten’s statementslies.
            CNN has reached out to both legal teams for further comment.
            There are two upcoming court hearings in the dispute set for March 16 y julio 27.




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