'Jurassic Park' project poses no threat to Komodo dragons, Indonesia says

Indonesia’s environment ministry on Tuesday sought to calm outrage over construction of an island tourism project being dubbedJurassic Park,” after an image went viral on social media of a Komodo dragon facing off with a big truck.

The picture of the dragon, one of the world’s largest lizards, blocking the path of a big vehicle on Indonesia’s Rinca Island prompted an outpouring of anger about perceived threats to the natural habitat of the vulnerable species.
Reuters was not able to verify the authenticity of the picture.
Wiratno, a senior environment ministry official, said rangers would ensure the safety of dragons roaming near the construction, which will include an elevated deck, a dam and an information center, to be completed in June.
    They will intensively make checks of whether the Komodo dragons are under the buildings, remnants of buildings, and under the trucks carrying material,” 他在声明中说.
    Indonesia’s current Komodo population is about 3,000, 根据政府数据.
    Komodo dragons reach up to 10 脚 (3 米) 长, have curved and serrated teeth, a yellow forked tongue, strong limbs and a long tail.
    They can take down prey as big as a water buffalo with a single venomous bite.
    The project, which involves the country’s public works and housing ministry, seeks to cater to visitors of the Komodo National Park, where the Komodos can be seen in the wild.
    Social media users have likened the project to one on a dinosaur island featured in theJurassic Park” 电影.
    The public works ministry in a statement on Monday also assured the safety of the Komodos.
    But environmentalists said the construction must stop.
      Komodo needs to be the main priority. They need to be protected in a designated area,” said Umbu Wulang Tanaamahu Paranggi, director of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment, in East Nusa Tenggara.
      What’s going on now is a destruction of the dragonsliving spaces.


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