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In dicembre, una giuria ha ritenuto Smollett colpevole per i primi cinque capi di imputazione, and he was acquitted on a sixth count of lying to a detective weeks after Smollett said he was attacked.

The 39-year-old formerImperoactor was charged with six counts of disorderly conduct related to false statements to Chicago police officers about a 2019 hate crime against him. Nel 2019, he claimed that two men attacked him due to his skin color and sexual orientation.

He was found guilty of telling a police officer he was a hate crime victim, telling an officer he was a battery victim, telling a detective he was a hate crime victim, telling a detective he was a battery victim and then telling a detective again he was battery victim. He was not found guilty on a sixth charge of telling a second detective he was an aggravated battery victim.

Fox News’ Matt Finn and Julius Young contributed to this report

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