Jussie Smollett trial begins as former 'Empire' actor looks stoic going into jury selection

前者 “帝国” 俳優は、彼が1月の深夜にシカゴのダウンタウンで人種差別的で同性愛嫌悪の暴行の犠牲者であったと主張し続けています 2019. その間, 兄弟のアビル・オスンダイロとオラビンジョ・オスンダイロ, who worked with him on the TV show, 彼が彼らに支払ったと言う $ 3,500 彼の攻撃者を装う.

Smollett arrived at the court in a navy blue suit and wool coat to match with a white dress shirt and gray striped tie underneath. He wore a black face mask as he arrived at the building with his arms linked to his family members who were there to support him as he argues his innocence. He looked serious and stoic as he entered the courtroom with his supporters creating a wall around him. His family members accompanied him into the courtroom where they emotionally said goodbye and left him at the defense table to watch the proceedings elsewhere in the building.

Seating within the courtroom is limited to accommodate the jury selection pool and requirements on social distancing due to COVID-19(新型コロナウイルス感染症.

ジャシー・スモレットが家族のメンバーにリンクされた腕でコートに到着: ライブアップデート

俳優のジャシー・スモレットが月曜日に到着する家族と一緒に歩きます, 11月. 29, 2021, シカゴでの彼の裁判で陪審員選考のためにレイトン刑事裁判所で.

俳優のジャシー・スモレットが月曜日に到着する家族と一緒に歩きます, 11月. 29, 2021, シカゴでの彼の裁判で陪審員選考のためにレイトン刑事裁判所で. (AP写真/ CharlesRex Arbogast)

スモレットは、容疑者の攻撃について警察に嘘をついたと非難され、重罪の無秩序な行為で起訴されました. クラス 4 重罪, the crime carries a sentence of up to three years in prison but experts have said it is more likely that if Smollett is convicted he would be placed on probation and perhaps ordered to perform community service.

しかしながら, the actor and director previously 無罪を主張した on renewed charges stemming from the incident, and instead maintains his original story, arguing that the $ 3,500 check was simply for the duo being his personal trainer.

兄弟たちは裁判で証言し、過去に警察に言ったことを繰り返すことが期待されています, スモレットが彼の公開プロフィールを上げるために攻撃を実行するために彼らに支払ったこと. その間, it has not been determined if Smollett will take the stand in his own defense.

ジャシー・スモレットの裁判: 裁判官はカメラを注文しません, 陪審員選考中の法廷でのプレス

Once they are selected, jurors will likely see surveillance video from more than four dozen cameras that police reviewed to trace the brothers’ 報告された攻撃の前後の動き, 兄弟が赤い帽子を購入している様子を示すビデオもあります, 数時間前の美容用品店のスキーマスクと手袋.

Actor Jussie Smollett arrives with family for the first day of his highly anticipated trial.

Actor Jussie Smollett arrives with family for the first day of his highly anticipated trial. (AP写真/ CharlesRex Arbogast)

Smollett’s attorneys, led by Nenye Uche, has not spelled out how they will confront that evidence at trial.

Buried in nearly 500 pages of Chicago Police Department reports is a statement from a woman who lived in the area who says she saw a white man withreddish brown hairwho appeared to be waiting for someone that night.


She told a detective that when the man turned away from her, 彼女 “could see hanging out from underneath his jacket what appeared to be a rope.

Jussie Smollett is accused of lying to police about an alleged hate crime attack.

Jussie Smollett is accused of lying to police about an alleged hate crime attack. (AP写真/ CharlesRex Arbogast)

Her comments could back up Smollett’s contention that his attackers draped a makeshift noose around his neck. さらに遠く, if she testified that the man was white, it would support Smollett’s statements — widely ridiculed because the brothers, who come from Nigeria, are Black — that he saw pale or white skin around the eyes of one of his masked attackers.

Given there is so much evidence, including the brothersown statements, that they participated in the attack, it is not likely that Smollett’s attorneys will try to prove they did not take part. That could perhaps lead the defense to contend that Smollett was the victim of a very real attack at the hands of the brothers, perhaps with the help of others, who now are only implicating the actor so prosecutors won’t charge them, あまりにも.