Justin Townes Earle’s cause of death revealed

Justin Townes Earle's cause of death revealed

그만큼 사망 원인 ...에 대한 Justin Townes Earle, the son of singer Steve Earle, died of an accidental drug overdose.

Earle’s team released the findings of his autopsy in a Facebook post that cited a medical examiner on Tuesday. It has been three months since the singer-songwrited 사망 한.

Next to alcohol and cocaine, the autopsy report revealed traces of fentanyl, indicating that that usage of fentanyl-laced cocaine resulted in an overdose,” 성명은 읽습니다. “Even though Justin was very outspoken and concerned about the opioid epidemic and the dangers of the ‘legaldrugs fed by the pharmaceutical companies, he became the victim of a deadly dose of fentanyl.

The post also encouraged people who are struggling with substance addiction or know anyone who is, to know they’renot alone” 그리고 “reach out for help.


Singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle died of an accidental drug overdose earlier this year, his team said on Tuesday.

Singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle died of an accidental drug overdose earlier this year, his team said on Tuesday. (게티)

Illicit drugs laced with fentanyl are causing an enormous rise in overdoses, turning cocaine usage into an even deadlier habit,” the post stated. “It only takes a few salt sized granules of fentanyl to cause an overdose. And in most cases, [그것] happens so fast that intervention likely could not reverse it.

Earle was 38 at the time of his death.

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Earle was born in Nashville and played in local bands the Distributors and the Swindlers. He released his first EP, titled “Yuma,” in 2007. He went on to release several albums, including 2019’s “The Saint of Los Causes.”

The Nashville-born star reportedly began using drugs at 13 and had survived five heroin overdoses by the age of 21. 한 지점에서, Earle was fired from his father’s band, the Dukes, due to his drug abuse. 하나, Earle reportedly sought help “after a 14-day coke and dope binge that ended in respiratory failure.”

Earle opened up in a 2010 interview for the Charleston City Paper about fighting his addiction demons and writing while in rehab.

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“I definitely write better when I’m not using drugs or drinking,” 그가 설명했다. “When I’m using, it’s hard to keep me out of a bar or hard to get me off the dope spot. When I do go off, I go off the deep end. I was completely clean for six years. When I use drugs, I don’t do anything else. I am a drug addict.”

Earle is survived by his wife Jenn Marie and their 3-year-old daughter Etta St. 제임스.

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