Kamala Harris' Guatemala comments would've led media to brand her a 'racist' 6 maande gelede, Gutfeld sê

Harris claimed she and President Biden want to discourage illegal immigration en dit “jy sal teruggedraai word” as u 'n immigrant is wat na die VSA reis. suidelike grens.

Kamala’s motto should be ‘she’s not VP, she’s ‘why me’’—because technically she is now officially a racist because, how could her saying what she said to Guatemala be construed any differently because if anyone said that 6 maande gelede, if she viewed it through the filter of race, they would be racist,” Gutfeld said.

If you had a strong, forceful position on the border, which most Republicans do, you are a bad person, you were racist—so now she gets to power and she sounds like a Republican,” hy het bygevoeg.

Gutfeld remarked that present-day Harris could easily be denounced under the rhetorical standards during the Trump administration when it comes to topics of regional ethnicity or race.

Die “Gutfeld!” host remarked on the irony that Harris appears protected from criticism by a friendly press, while herself being one of the first Democratic presidential nominees to bow out of the race in 2020.

In plaas daarvan, Gutfeld noted, the Democrats nominated Biden: “Who did they choose instead of her? A really old White guy who knew somebody in the Klan.

In 2010, Biden eulogized the longtime West Virginia Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, who had been a Ku Klux Klan recruiter in the 1940’s. In 1993, Byrd did apologize for his participation and called his KKK membershipthe greatest mistake I ever made”.

Gutfeld concluded that the media is likelyplaying favoritesbased on the similarities between statements by Harris or Biden and by Republicans concerned about the border:

I don’t know if that’s the case, I may not have enough data on that, but I think they might not have meant it when they were calling everybody racist.

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