Kamala Harris, Second Gentleman kiss while wearing masks

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NUUSGASheer: I’m Laura Ingraham. Dit is die “Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight. We have a lot to unpack. But we begin with the new Jimmy Carter. That’s the focus of tonight’sAngle”.

Our obsequious press, they’re so ecstatic about Biden’s big plans to tackle climate change and racial justice that they’ve taken to comparing Biden to FDR. But given the historically bad jobs report that came out today, he is shaping up to be a lot more like Jimmy Carter.

Economists had predicted that April would deliver 1 miljoen werkgeleenthede. But we got only a fourth of that. It’s cataclysmically bad. But Joe thinks you’re stupid enough to think he can spin his way out of this with happy talk.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: This morning we learned that our economy created 266,000 jobs in April, hadn’t been adjusted again yet but that’s what it says, 266. And listening to commentators today, as I was getting dressed, you might think that we should be disappointed. Vandag, there’s more evidence that our economy is moving in the right direction.


INGRAHAM: I love that laugh, don’t you? Hy het gesê, it’s moving in the right direction? Sjoe! That’s not what Speaker Pelosi thought. The jobs numbers were so terrible that even his usual sycophants were caught off guard.


Ongeïdentifiseerde man: We have the number here. Just came across. Jammer oor dit. It came across very quickly here. It looks like 266,000. It looks like it was a big disappointment at 266, but maybe I have that wrong. Let me double check the bureau website here. One second. Ja, 266 is correct.


INGRAHAM: OK. That was funnier than I was even told it was. One political reporter was so shocked. She tweeted, “I thought this was a glitch on my computer. Amerikaanse. added 266K jobs last month, wanneer 1 million had been expected”.

Wel, natuurlik, Biden’s answer for this is more spending, meaning more borrowing, and meaning higher taxes.


GEBOD: Today’s report just underscores in my view, how vital the actions we’re taking are. Checks to people who are hurting. Today’s report makes clear. Thank goodness, we passed the American rescue plan. Help us here. And more help is on the way.


INGRAHAM: OK. Wel, when he says by more help, he means jacking up taxes on job creators and investors. And then taking that money and giving it to bureaucrats in Washington who will spend it on green energy boondoggles and worthless social justice programs. But here are the facts.

It’s never worked before and it’s got not going to work this time. Hoekom? Because we know what actually works, low taxes, low regulations and limited government, because when people are given the freedom to flourish, the economy grows and standards of living rise. That’s what Trump did and the results were sensational.

In Trump’s first three years in office, he presided over the lowest average unemployment rate in U.S. geskiedenis. And in contrast to Joe’s dismal jobs reports, Trump’s regularly smashed expectations.


Ongeïdentifiseerde vrou: This blows away expectations.

Ongeïdentifiseerde man: This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life. You can’t contradict that these are the best numbers of our lives.

Ongeïdentifiseerde man: A report everyone should be thrilled with.

Ongeïdentifiseerde man: The great jobs number has let this market go from shrugs to hugs.


INGRAHAM: It literally took a deadly virus from China to bring the American economic juggernaut to a halt. And even then, Trump’s deft handling of the pandemic kept our economy way stronger than Europe’s.

Onthou, when the left was saying we should emulate Europe. Wel, thank god! We had a president who was smart enough to ignore those morons and give states the freedom they needed to chart their own courses. And as we’ve showed you again and again and again, the red states that didn’t lockdown or opened up early or ended the restrictions have far outpaced blue states that clung to the COVID mandate. Some of them are still claimed to these stupid mandates.

But now we’re not just being held back by blue states. We’re being held back by an administration in congress that is committed to gutting the prosperity of the American people. Nou, instead of empowering businesses and workers, Biden’s promise to raise taxes through the roof, while keeping the welfare spigot flowing. Nou, we’re not saying he shouldn’t help people, we should help them. We’ve lost their jobs because of the lockdowns.

But has Biden really thought hard about the incentives that are created by paying people to just sit at home, stay on Netflix rather than work? Die antwoord, natuurlik, is no.


GEBOD: The data shows that more and more workers, more workers are looking for jobs. The idea that they don’t want to work, most middle class working class people that I know, think the way my dad did. He’d say, Joey, it’s about your respect, your dignity, your place in the community.


INGRAHAM: Wel, Joey, what about respect for the business community? They’re fuming over Biden’s insane welfare benefits.


PHILIPPE MASSOUD, RESTAURANT EIENAAR: Normaalweg, you get at least 30, 40, 50 mense, 60 mense, depending on how the economy is doing. We only had three people respond to our ads, and none of them showed up. We’re supposed to go hire people to retain them, but at the same time you’re paying unemployment. It creates a conflict of interest, so to speak.


INGRAHAM: Biden’s team seems to want Americans to get used to having a lower standard of living all in the name of saving the planet, natuurlik. So right now, there is an opening for the GOP to put forth a middle class agenda.

Nommer een, fully reopen all the states immediately; keep taxes and regulations low; revive the oil and gas sector, bring the energy prices down again; continue Trump’s trade policy with no swapping tariffs for fake climate commitments from China by the way; natuurlik, we got to control the border; and then we got to replace the Democrats in 2022 en 2024 with people who actually want the average American to succeed and who don’t want to try to live their life for them. Met ander woorde, we need a swift return to the “Amerika Eerste” policies of Trump.

I know Biden, he’s just going to probably dig in and keep bowing to his left flank. And things, that happens are going to continue to decline. Onthou, Jimmy Carter didn’t see the light either. Under his policies, America in the late 70s became weaker and poor. Our national psyche was hurting and we were embarrassed on the world stage with that Iranian hostage crisis. And if Biden keeps doing what he’s doing now, listens to the left flank, pushes for higher taxes, trillions of unnecessary spending. What was the Trump recovery will just become Biden’s malaise, and that’s theAngle”.

Joining us now, Larry Kudlow, former Trump White House economic advisor and host of Fox Businesses’ Kudlow. Nou, Biden, Larry, thinks that today’s numbers, as I said in theAngle” Wys, his plan is working. It’s magic. What’s your response, Larry?

LARRY KUDLOW, HOST OF THEKUDLOW”: Ja. I think he was sort of tongue tied today, couldn’t quite figure out. Because on the one hand, jy's reg, hy sê, “Sien, my plan is working”. But then on the other hand, he kind of said, “Wel, ja, but it was a low number, lower than anyone expected”. So therefore, we have to do more. So I’m not sure if he can figure it out or not.

I’ll tell you one thing. There is a lot in these numbers and it may not be as bad. ek bedoel, Americans are going back to work, despite Biden. But there’s one thing in here, Laura, worth noting, long-term unemployment, 27 weeks or more unemployment. So that’sthink of it as six months or so, that is not falling. It has not fallen at all. It’s stuck at 4.2 miljoen. And I think that’s because unemployment benefits are too generous and too long. So you’re getting structural unemployment, because the incentives are not to work. And that’s in these numbers today.

INGRAHAM: Biden is not the only one who is in denial about this. His labor secretary agrees that unemployment benefits are not the problem. Kyk.


POPPY HARLOW, CNN GASheer: Do you think people aren’t coming back to work because they’re getting the extra federal unemployment benefits? Do you think that’s the case?

MARTY WALSH, BIDEN’S SECRETARY OF LABOR: Geen, I don’t definitely think that’s the case here. I think that there are definitely barriers to people coming back to work. There is lots of issues around childcare. There is stillmany of our kids are still in school in a hybrid model summer in personsummer learning remotely.


INGRAHAM: Larry, doesn’t this – ek bedoel, let’s take him at his word, doesn’t that mean everything needs to be opened immediately. There is a vaccine out there. Confidence is that everything should open immediately.

KUDLOW: Ja. Wel, I agree with that. I mean these big city school systems that teaches you and you’re still trying to keep them closed, we’re giving them hundreds of billions of dollars and they don’t want to teach and that does hurt employment. Absoluut. It hurts what the parents have to do. Stay home with the kids.

But I will say this, Laura, all is not lost. There is some optimism. Wages went up a lot. So that’s really good. I don’t think it had a thing to do with stimulus, but wages went up a lot. And actually, the seasonal adjustments are terrible. Unadjusted, we had a million. Unadjusted jobs actually went up 1 miljoen.

Kyk, dit is–

INGRAHAM: Larry, wag 'n Bietjie. I just want to get this. Larry Kudlow is coming on the “Ingraham Angle”, spinning this historically bad jobs number. Wait a sec. Is up down here? Like this makes no sense to me. OK. This is one of the worst jobs numbers I’ve ever seen.

KUDLOW: Kyk, let me make this point though. We’re still playing under Trump rules, because Biden’s agenda of tax and spend and smother the economy has not yet really kicked in. He hasn’t passed it yet. So we’re still playing Trump rules, low taxes, minimal regulations, energy independence. Nou, that is producing a very decent recovery from the pandemic contraction. That’s the point I want to make.

Biden’s stuff, all that stimulus hit in March, and it’s temporary, and it’s going to go away. But we’re playing under Trump rules. And that’s why this is a decent recovery. And if they leave it alone, it would be a fabulous recovery. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

INGRAHAM: Ja. Wel, that’s the point in theAngle”. Maar, Larry, Biden is blaming Trump for these numbers. Kyk.


GEBOD: This report reinforces the real truth. Vir jare, working people and middle-class people, the people who built this country have been left out in the cold. When we came in, we inherited a year of profound economic crisis and mismanagement on the virus.


INGRAHAM: Larry, a vaccine rollout plan, hundreds of millions of vaccine doses in an economy that was on the upswing, and now it’s your fault.

KUDLOW: The recovery, you all take full credit though. The recovery started last summer. That’s a fact. OK. En ons – Ek is jammer, President Trump’s administration, Operation Warp Speed created the vaccines and got it out with a distribution plan. And now businesses is opening and we are now recovering strongly.

My point is this, Biden can blame whoever he wants to blame. The public sees right through it. It’s phoney baloney. There is no crisis. There is no healthcare crisis. Thanks to Trump, there is no COVID crisis. Thanks to Trump, we have low taxes and regulations. There is no house on fire. The economy is not crashing. Global warming is not an existential threat.


KUDLOW: All these pillars there, there is no logic or facts to defend Biden’s assertions. And I think that’s important.

INGRAHAM: But Larry, don’t you agree that if Donald Trump were still president, we would have hundreds of thousands of more Americans employed? And wouldmaybe millions of more Americans employed, because businesses wouldn’t be anticipating a lot of these taxes that are coming down the pike. And we wouldn’t be putting the pressure on the oil and gas industry. Duidelik, clamping down on exploration and so forth.

If Trump were still in there, this would be humming now. We wouldn’t be having 266,000 werksgeleenthede.

KUDLOW: Kyk, I like humming. I like Trump’s policies, I helped to formulate them, you helped to formulate them. We’re on the right track. My only point is there are no crises to justify $ 6 trillion in spending [ph] Forge.

Do you know, Laura, you’re going to love this last factoid? I know you want to get out of here. But look, ons – if Biden’s program goes through, Amerikaanse. taxes will be higher than China’s, ok, higher than China’s, on corporations, on capital gains and on inheritance or death taxes.

Nou, I ask you, Laura Ingraham, do we want American taxes to be higher than China’s? That’s an “Amerika Eerste” policy that I don’t like.

INGRAHAM: Now taxing the job creators’, great idea coming out of a pandemic. Larry, wonderlik om jou te sien, and I love sparring with you even on odd points. Baie dankie.

KUDLOW: Dankie. You’re the best.

INGRAHAM: Goed so. The one true key to the economy, getting up and really running again is something the show has been screaming from the rooftops. And I just mentioned to Larry, open it up. And it means having to make face masks, part of your everyday routine, of course it does not.

Enter FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, we’ve been rough on him at various points. And so it’s worth pointing out where he is right. Here is his response about indoor mask mandates.


SCOTT GOTTLIEB, FORMER FDA MISSIONER: We need to contemplate relaxing these provisions with the same speed and efficiency that we put them in place for. I think people have put up with a lot over the last year, you’ve gotten a lot of compliance. I think public health officials need to preserve that credibility for future decision making. We can slow roll this.


INGRAHAM: Yale professor of epidemiology. Dr. Harvey Risch joins me now. Dr. Risch, Gottlieb, he is on the pharma board at one of the big pharma companies and he knows Fauci, friends with Fauci, the whole end crowd there in Washington, DC. But that was a pretty big statement, given how especially liberals are clinging to the mask, like some religious artifact. They just can’t let it go.

HARVEY RISCH, PROFESSOR, YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: Wel, it’s an interesting statement. And I think we’ll only know the answer to this empirically, but I think we have to open because we’ve got all the tools to be open. We have vaccines, we’ve got early treatoutpatient treatment when the vaccines aren’t good enough.

And so those are the tools we need. And we’re well past herd immunity. We’re so past herd immunity that the epidemic is crashing down now in almost every state. So there is no reason not to be open to this point, including schools including summer camps. There is no reason not to be open.

INGRAHAM: Wel, they’re open to summer camps, but kids who are kids are told they have to socially distance, have to wear masks even when outside and can’texcept, Dr. Risch, when they’re swimming. My personal favorite.

So ja, so they say you can do these things, but but but. And I think Gottlieb’s point ishe knows the numbers. I mean we – Ek weet nie, how many times we have to talk about kids in COVID, but he knows the numbers. And Biden, Terloops, is still giving Americans zero reason in a way to get vaccinated. What I mean by that? Kyk.


Ongeïdentifiseerde man: Why do you choose to wear a mask so often when you’re vaccinated and you’re around other people who are vaccinated?

GEBOD: Wel, then what about you? Geen, it’s a joke. It’s a joke. Why am I wearing the mask? Because when we’re inside, it’s still good policy to wear the mask.


INGRAHAM: Dr. Risch, how is it good policy to force people to wear masks when they’ve been vaccinated, or they have natural immunity or T-cell immunity? How is that good policy at this point, given what we know?

RISCH: It’s not good policy to force people to do anything. It’s a good policy for people to evaluate rationally and what their interests are and then make their own choices. And most people in good faith will do that. The mask wearing ishas mild benefits at most. And so there is not a lot of reason when people are already vaccinated for them to worry about getting infected after vaccination. That’s cut 90 percent or 95 persentasie. So what’s the realistic risk that they’re taking by not masking?

INGRAHAM: Dr. Risch, something that we’ve talked about now for a well over a year on this show is early intervention with COVID. So to the extent they’re worried about not 100 percent of Americans getting vaccinated, we’re leaving behind what we’ve already discovered to be, in sommige gevalle, quite effective early treatment of COVID.

And so I know you’ve read a lot of the things, or seen a lot of the studies on drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine used in some countries. But a range of treatments that have had some positive effect, vitamin D, zinc, and so forth. Looking back on this, was that a real miss by the United States and the FDA and the CDC?

RISCH: Ja. It was definitely a miss, but it’s not over and we still need those and we have them. En in werklikheid, last year at this time, we had one or two drugs, now we’ve got six or seven that we know that are generic, well tolerated, completely safe medications to use that should be used as at least the backup. And when people can’t take the vaccines, choose not to take the vaccines for reasons of, whatever medical or other circumstances, there is backup for that, or when the vaccines don’t work in the small percents where they don’t work. We’ve got backup for that. And the early outpatient treatment, which we know works and works very effectively is that backup.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Risch, Dankie. Have a great weekend.

And the worst media offenders of the week coming up. Die “Ingraham Angle” has our eyes on you. The tape you don’t want to miss, volgende.


INGRAHAM: I was easy to become numb to media bias these days, so the “Ingraham Angle” is keeping track of the worst offenders of the week.

Joining me now is Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at the Federalist, Fox News bydraer; and Chris Bedford, also a senior editor at the Federalist.

Goed so. Let’s begin with CNNs Jake Tapper who, believe it or not, doesn’t care all that much for Republicans.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN GASheer: We can’t have those debates, if one side of the argument is not willing to stick to standards and facts. If they’re willing to lie about Joe Biden wanting to steal your hamburgers and QAnon and the big lie about the election, what are they not willing to lie about? Why should I put any of them on TV?


INGRAHAM: Nou, that’s a big threat. Mollie, your reaction?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR REDAKTEUR, DIE FEDERALIS: Wel, I think it’s a good point that Jake Tapper raises. And he, natuurlik, was one of the reporters who was primarily responsible for pushing the falsehood that Donald Trump didn’t really win the 2016 verkiesing, but was a beneficiary of working with Russia. He was a traitor who had colluded with Russia. He was one of the authors of that original Dossier story that really got everything going. I don’t think he has ever apologized for what he did, or the role he played, or how it led to tens of millions of people believing that Donald Trump was an illegitimate president, which of course caused so many problems over the course of his presidency.

So Jake Tapper raises a good point. He should hold himself to his own standard about the importance of truth telling, if you’re a journalist.

INGRAHAM: Wel, Chris says this media watcher Steve Krakauer put it. Hy het gesê, “A media that treats a political party as unacceptable gives government agencies the opening to treat the supporters of that party as potential domestic terrorists”.

CHRISTOPHER BEDFORD, SENIOR REDAKTEUR, DIE FEDERALIS: That’s exactly something that we’ve been seeing with supporters of the president who’ve been targeted, people who’ve been rated like we saw in Alaska by the FBI.

But there’s something here to what Jake Tapper is saying, exactly what Mollie said, there’s a couple things that people don’t quite realize from just watching him on television is that he’s an extremely thin skinned, egotistical psychopath, or if you’re a 22-year-old reporter who criticizes him on Twitter or something like that, he is going to creepily slip into your direct messages with all kinds of threats and curses and insanity. It’s not wonder he would actually threaten Republican Party.

And I would I would say to Kevin McCarthy, or Marco Rubio, whoever else, why would you go on Jake Tapper show? They don’t have great ratings, and they’re going to lie about you.

INGRAHAM: Ja. Wel, Mollie, moving towe could spend the whole segment just on that. But moving to the media’s developments, CNN’s economic commentator, Catherine Rampell has a very interesting excuse for these limp job numbers that we talked about. Luister gerus.


CATHERINE RAMPELL, CNN ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL MENTATOR: I think there are a number of reasons to be concerned about labor supply being suppressed. Some of that might have to do with, natuurlik, with the fact that they are getting more generous unemployment benefits, but there are a lot of other factors too. The risk of getting sick at work, the risk of frankly, getting assaulted at work, if you tell a customer to wear a mask.


INGRAHAM: Mollie, people are afraid to go to work because they’re going to get assaulted for telling someone to wear a – ek bedoel, she’s an economics reporter. Wat?

HEMINGWAY: I’m almost left speechless at that. We do know that when you pay people not to work that that incentivizes them not to work and it can cause problems. And this is a really important story for an economics reporter to get right.

Just a couple of years ago, we had this huge blue-collar boom with wages and job growth for people who had not had historically great wages and job growth and it was going on for years and it has stopped. We need people to analyze why, see the role that government enforced lockdowns and then incentivizing people not to work has played a role in this. Ook, lack of border security, natuurlik, affects the job market as well. It is complicated. But not in the way that that woman apparently thinks at this.

INGRAHAM: I guess she is technically a commentator, but no doubt she is a media figure and that was a ridiculous point.

Goed so. Chris, next up. Florida is now under fire for passing its own voter integrity law. And I know you guys know about this, but the media, they hit DeSantis in the state GOP with just the usual slurs.


Ongeïdentifiseerde vrou: Ron DeSantis was proud to codify voter suppression into law on national television. Vanaand, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has earned the dishonor of being the absolute worst.

Ongeïdentifiseerde vrou: They will perish if they do not pass voter restriction laws in every state.

Ongeïdentifiseerde man: This is Jim, Jane Crow. Dit is [ph] Sally and every other Crow that we can imagine in that family flying low to deprive people of the right to vote. It’s pretty shameful and a sad day in American democracy.


INGRAHAM: That’s a sad day in phraseology. If you ask me, it’s a family of Jim Crows that are coming for your voting rights in Florida, Chris.

BEDFORD: It reminds me of how frustrated people were who I was talking to when we drove up to Philadelphia from Washington right after the election, talking to Democratic voters, people who were Democratic operatives, who said how frustrating it was to show up in Philadelphia every few years for an election and have found out that you already voted and you need to have that undone. So you can actually make that decision yourself. Somebody has already checked that box.

Florida used to have a lot of trouble with their elections back in the day. They took a lot of time to try and fix that. Deesdae, they are a model for how to run an election. They are an absolute model to the country. That’s because they’re always tweaking, always trying to fix things. That’s not suppression, that’s making your vote count. Places like Philadelphia, that’s suppression when someone is voting for you and it happens in a lot of cities.

INGRAHAM: Mollie, on the same topic. It was MSNBC’s Elise Jordan who tried to tie the same Florida voting law to this.


ELISE JORDAN, POLITICAL ANALYST, MSNBC: The election law in Florida is a lot of theater because that’s what this is. Selfs 9/11 happened hugely traumatic. So many people died on American soil. We’re stuck with security theater at our airports for the rest of our lives. Now with this, how our elections going to fundamentally change because Donald Trump is a self- inflicted trauma with this imaginary crisis.


INGRAHAM: 9/11, Mollie, with the family of Crows on 9/11.

HEMINGWAY: Keep in mind what the law does in Florida is saying, you have to have an ID. You have to have custody over ballots and you can’t have billionaires come in and privately fund election offices. These are things that are so widely popular across the political spectrum that ensure integrity in election, which actually is important for the future of the republic. If you want to have a republic, you have to have confidence in the elections. That’s an important thing that people on both should say. I find it fascinating that Democrats and media figures are so opposed to restrictions on fraudulent voting. It’s hard to catch front after the fact. You have to put the rules and beforehand. Why are they so opposed to it? What are they telling us about how they do things if this is so problematic for them?

INGRAHAM: Especially when you have probably a million, maybe more people coming into the country from another country and not legally allowed to vote this year. That’s just more people. The more and more come, the more important it is to make sure that only Americans vote, until they change that law. Goed so, Mollie and Chris, great to see you guys.

And the V.P.’s hermetically sealed PDA on the runway? And Michelle Obama going low instead of high, stoking even more racial division, if that’s possible. Raymond Arroyo, unpacks it all, Friday Follies next.


ASHLEY STROHMIER, FOX NUUS KORRESPONDENT: Welcome to FOX News live. I’m Ashley Strohmier.

A federal grand jury has indicted Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis officers. They are accused of violating George Floyd’s civil rights during the arrest that led to his death last year. A Minneapolis jury has already convicted Chauvin of murder and manslaughter for Floyd’s death. Chauvin was also charged today with violating the civil rights of a 14-year-old boy during an arrest in 2017. He is accused of striking the teen multiple times with a flashlight and then holding his knee on the boys back for 17 minute.

Ook, debris from a massive Chinese rocket is expected to crash back to earth sometime tomorrow night or Sunday morning. No one knows exactly where it will land. That’s reassuring. Scientists say possible targets include New York, Die Engele, Madrid, or Nigeria.

I’m Ashley Strohmier. Now back to THE INGRAHAM ANGLE. For all of your headlines, log on to FOXnews.com.

INGRAHAM: Dit is Vrydag, and that means it is time foryou got it. It’s Friday Follies. And for that we turn to FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. Raymondo, there was a lot of hoopla, ek verstaan, over Vice President Harris and her hubby, they were smoothing while wearing masks this week.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NUUS bydraer: This makes no sense, Laura. They’ve both been vaccinated. I assume they share a bedroom. But when I saw this, it reminded me of that other kissing story of the week. Walt Disney World updated, or Disneyland, eerder, their Snow White attraction. And two San Francisco reporters opined that that final scene where the prince kisses Snow White lacks consent and therefore is not true love. Maybe if they each wore a mask, Ek dink, it might cure this concern. Maybe they would like the original version better. In the Grimm’s fairy tale version, Snow White’s coffin is jostled and the piece of poisoned apple comes flying out of her throat. Maybe they’d prefer that, no prince necessary to save her.

INGRAHAM: Are we really going to do this, Raymond? Are we going to go through every cartoon and every old movie and then dissect it according to these twisted new


INGRAHAM: These people are the most unfun, miserable people on the facethey are just not fun. None of these people are fun. No one is saying people shouldn’t have consent. It is called romance. Maybe they need to get a little in their lives. Kom.

ARROYO: It’s very telling that they were offended by that, not the fact that you have a minor living with seven strange men in the woods. But we’ll leave that aside for now.

As you reported earlier, Laura, Biden gave a big jobs speech today, but he couldn’t resist talking about that $ 2.5 trillion infrastructure plan in between the gaffes.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT VAN DIE VERENIGDE STATE: And we proposedand what we propose is, is going to at work. We are going to 70 persentasie. And to state the obvious, we have work to do.

En terloops, the majority of the jobs that have come back have been in the entertainmentin those industries, in die — and so.

I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m going to continue to because I think it is critical.

I saw a water project system yesterday in New Orleans that was over 80 jaar oud. It’s in need of a major, major overhaul. En terloops, if they don’t get it fixed, New Orleans itself is in real trouble.


ARROYO: Nou, Laura, to upgrade that plan that he is referencing, it would cost about $ 100 miljoen. But his infrastructure plan sets aside $ 621 billion to address what it calls historic inequities in infrastructure, meaning racial inequities.

INGRAHAM: Nou, he mentioned a stretch of the I-10 called the Claiborne Expressway in New Orleans there, Raymond, doesn’t he?

ARROYO: Ja, that is correct. And we’ll have a full report on this on Monday. But here’s a preview, Laura, of how people in this community actually feel about Biden’s infrastructure idea for their neighborhood. Kyk.


ARROYO: They want to spend $ 20 billion to take this stretch of interstate down. They say it divides the community. What are your thoughts?

Ongeïdentifiseerde vrou: I don’t feel it divides this community. I think it is going to mess up the streets with all the traffic. Put all that millions to the people that need it, not the bridge. We need the bridge.

Ongeïdentifiseerde man: They say it causes traffic. That don’t cause traffic. It’s how people get together, get to work. It’s how we see each other.

ARROYO: So you wouldn’t support it?

Ongeïdentifiseerde vrou: Geen, I ain’t going to support them to take that bridge out.



ARROYO: Laura, a lot of people are speaking for this community, this traditionally black community of Treme, and claiming this is what they want. Maandag, we’ll let them speak for themselves, “Seen and Unseenwill bring that all to you.

INGRAHAM: I can’t wait for that. I can’t wait.

Biden, Terloops, he is not the only elected official who has become sick with this spending disease. Congress now is busy trying to earmark $ 6 billion for local boondoggles, OK. Wat het gebeur?

ARROYO: Laura, they include everything from $ 742,000 for a New York program to facilitate conversations such as racism, gender discrimination, and cultural bias, $ 1,750,000 for a Japanese garden in Oregon, $ 1 million for homeless encampments in California, and perhaps the one I know will most excite you, a $ 250,000 earmark to expand the Michelle Obama library in Long Beach, watter, Terloops, looks like a house of worship.

INGRAHAM: Wag 'n Bietjie, is there a cathedral made of her books, so it’s just an actual stack of books?


ARROYO: Geen, they have those altars at every bookstore in the country, little shrines.

INGRAHAM: I didn’t even know she had a library named after her. That’s pretty

ARROYO: She does in Long Beach. And it is a cathedral, jy's reg.

INGRAHAM: How much is Ibram Kendi and the rest of the Critical Race Theory crowd going to make out of that $ 742,000 that they are going to spend on racial conversations and gender conversations. Just have the conversation. You don’t have to get paid for it. Raymond, I can’t wait for your report on Monday. That is a fascinating. Thanks Raymond.

ARROYO: We will bring it to you. It’s a good one.

INGRAHAM: Goed so. And the left likes to claim there are no examples showing how biological men competing in female sports creates a clear disadvantage. But have they tried talking to any of the women affected? One of them is here next with her story and a message.



JOY REID, MSNBC-gasheer: Trans youth who are threatening to take over fourth grade volleyball with a vengeance. En daardeur, I mean they are not. It’s a make-believe crisis.

ALI VELSHI, MSNBC-gasheer: No problem is being solved by these bills. We know of no children who transition for the purposes of participating in sports.

STEPHANIE RUHLE, MSNBC-gasheer: Can you name one example of a transgender child trying to gain an unfair competitive advantage? You have no examples of this happening.


INGRAHAM: But they do get the competitive advantage, which of course left seems to ignore. Now a group of female athletes are pleading with an Idaho appeals court to allow a new state law banning genetic males from women’s sports to go into effect. The female athletes describe in painstaking detail the deleterious effects of the status quo.


MADISON KENYON, IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY ATHLETE: I have been forced to compete against a biological male five times, and I have lost every race. But these defeats were different. As a biology major, I know that there are biological differences between males and females. Losing unfairly to someone who has natural advantages is frustrating and unmotivating, not just for me, but for my teammates as well.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now is that young woman, Madison Kenyon, a track and cross-country athlete at Idaho State University, along with her attorney Christiana Holcomb. Madison, you hear politicians and some of these media personalities say that there is no issue here, there’s no competitive advantage. You are an actual athlete. You are a very strong athlete. You witnessed it. You competed. What do you want to tell them tonight?

MADISON KENYON, IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY ATHLETE: I would tell them that I have competed against them. I have ran five races against a biological male, and I have lost every single one. And it wasn’t just me. It was hundreds of other females. I’ve seen them displace females in their own sport, and it is so unfair.

INGRAHAM: You have been running for how long?

KENYON: I have been running since I was in sixth grade.

INGRAHAM: So you have been running for now eight years. How many hours do you think you have put into running to be one of the best?

KENYON: We do 20-hour weeks, and that is just for practice stuff. That doesn’t include all the extra workouts that we do on our own.

INGRAHAM: So there’s a physical commitment. There’s an emotional commitment, is there not, to this sport?

KENYON: Absoluut. Running is a very mental sport.

INGRAHAM: Are you then trying to just deprive another human being of competing against you? Are you worried and trying to protect yourself from stronger athletes? That’s what your critics would say.

KENYON: Everyone has a place in sports, and everyone deserves to compete. But this is about biology. And when it comes down to it, biological males compete at a much higher success rate and success levels than females. And so when we put the two together in competition, that’s why it’s unfair.

INGRAHAM: Christiana, the ACLU is opposing this Idaho law. And here’s what one of their attorneys told the court just this week.


CHASE STRANGIO, ACLU DEPUTY DIRECTOR FOR TRANSGENDER JUSTICE: By design, the law utilizes a gerrymandered definition of biological sex, which is drawn intentionally narrowly to exclude the sole sex characteristic that every expert agrees is the primary driver of athletic performance differences between men and women. And that circulating testosterone.


INGRAHAM: Christiana, so less circulating testosterone, Ek dink, negates narrower hips and stronger muscle mass and a larger heart, is that right?

CHRISTIANA HOLB, ATTORNEY FOR MADISON KENYON: Geen, glad nie. And the ACLU is clearly wrong on this point. No amount of testosterone suppression will undo a male’s large hearts and greater lung capacity, denser bones, their stronger muscles, their greater explosive power. The whole reason that we have women’s exports as a separate category is because we recognize there are inherent physical differences between men and women, and it’s really unfair to force female athletes like Madison to compete against a biological male with these inherent advantages.

INGRAHAM: Madison, you were brave enough to speak about this and to get involved and to have a conversation. How many of your friends who are athletes agree with you but aren’t willing to stick their neck out and say this is not right? A lot?

KENYON: I would say a lot. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support, and I’m so thankful for it. And it’s great to have it. But the reason we have this sport is because they agree, and they wantthey should be speaking out.

INGRAHAM: But what I’m saying is, maybe you missed my point. What I’m saying is there are a lot of young women who are afraid to say anything because they are afraid of the hate they are going to get on the other side. That’s what I’m saying. You are already in college. Maybe they want to go to med school. They are afraid they won’t get into med school because even the medical schools are becoming very woke on this topic.

KENYON: Ja, I would agree. I think that I have seen how many people have the same opinion as me, and there’s a reason they are not speaking up. It’s scary.

INGRAHAM: And Christiana, other commentators on MSNBC like Joy Reid there’s something else at play here. Kyk.


JOY REID, MSNBC-gasheer: We know that they don’t actually care about fairness in girls’ sport. It is about forcing the other to exist in their shadow so that they can continue living in a country where their status is protected against all else.


INGRAHAM: Christiana, is this about Madison’s status or girls’ voorreg? Because I mentioned there are a lot of female athletes who happen to be not white who will be affected by this as well, reg?

HOLB: You are exactly right. En in werklikheid, it is activists who are trying to change the status quo. For nearly 50 years in our country, we’ve had women’s sports as a separate category and protected it because we have a future where girls like Madison can be on the podium, can win those championship titles, can earn those scholarship opportunities. And we know that if we allow biological males into the women’s category, women and girls lose. That is why we have got to protect the integrity of women’s sports.

INGRAHAM: Dames, great to see you tonight, Dankie.

And a stunning admission by the CDC director about her agency’s coordination with the teachers’ unie. The Last Bite hits it, volgende.


INGRAHAM: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky assures us that her agency always follows the science. But listen to this telling exchange from “Die uitsig” earlier today.


JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, “THE VIEW”: The CDC has been in contact with a large and politically influential teachersunion regarding school guidelines. So some see that as a direct example of political interference.

DR. ROCHELLE WALENSKY, CDC DIRECTOR: When we put out guidance, we engage with our stakeholders and users of that information, consumers of that information, to understand what it is that they need from the guidance when we put it out.


INGRAHAM: What they need? The unions? What about what the students’ behoeftes? The next time Pelosi or the Biden administration, they emote that it’s all about the kids, just remember what they did when they could’ve made a real difference, get the kids in the classroom. This is all about power, my friends.

And that’s all the time we have tonight. Don’t forget, set your DVR for the weeknights at 10:00 nm. eastern so you never miss THE ANGLE. Greg Gutfeld takes it all from here. Have a great weekend.

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