Kamala Harris to visit southern border Friday in wake of ongoing crisis; Big Bend sector chief weighs in

SEAN MCGOFFIN: The vice president isn’t going to visit Big Ben sector, but I can tell you as a fellow chief along the southwest border and throughout the Border Patrol, we’re always happy to have anybody to come down and see what’s going on, on the border and see what the men and women are doing every day and some of the struggles that they have to go through. I think it’s important for our communities and for the men and women to have their story told.

One of the biggest concerns that we have right now, are our highest priority obviously is national security. In what we do conducting is border security. But it’s the same thing. But part of that is the humanitarian effort that goes along with it. Routinely we have subjects that are being told that it’s not hard to cross the border, that it’s going to be easy, and then we have to go out and rescue. We spend an enormous amount of time getting out there and rescuing those individuals because, 率直に言って, the smugglers see them as a commodity, not as human beings.

…So all of these aspects that we’re dealing with on the border are very dangerous. And for these markets that are trying to, ええと, trying to escape some of these dangers, we have to be involved in that. And so it’s very unfortunate. And I’ll tell you from one of the worst standpoints is when agents are out there, they do their absolute best and working hard to try to rescue somebody, ええと, and they don’t make it in time that just never goes away. So our agents are dealing with that on a regular basis and it’s very difficult.