Kansas father in custody, daughters recovered after 2 boys found dead in home

A father is in police custody and his two daughters have been recovered safely after his two sons were discovered dead in a Leavenworth, 캔자스, 집, according to Leavenworth County Undersheriff Jim Sherley.

Sherley told CNN that law enforcement was called to a home after a family member went to the residence and reported the crime scene around 1:30 오후. 토요일.
Two boys, 나이 11 과 14, were found dead in the home, Sherley told CNN late Saturday.
Authorities determined the father of the boys had kidnapped his daughters, ages three and seven, and an Amber Alert was issued, Sherley said.
    The two girls were safely recovered and their father was taken into custody in Beckham County, 오클라호마, east of the Texas border around 8 오후, Sherley said.
    The father has not yet been charged, according to Sherley, and will face extradition back to Kansas following an initial appearance in Oklahoma, likely on Monday.
      Law enforcement has been in touch with the mother of the children, Sherley said.
      Sherley said that multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the operation, including Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the FBI and the US Marshals office.

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