Kanye West, Kim Kardashian의 이혼 청원에 응답, 아이들의 공동 양육권을 추구

그만큼 Yeezy boss submitted legal documents on Friday and in the filing, West는 법원에 전 부부의 네 자녀 – North에 대한 합법적 및 물리적 양육권을 요청합니다., 7, 성자, 5, 시카고, 3, 그리고 시편, 1 – just as Kardashian did in her initial divorce petition on Feb. 19.

추가로, given the reports that West and Kardashian, 40, are each sitting comfortably in the billionaire realm, the 43-year-oldJesus Is Kingperformer also asked the court to waive its ability to award any spousal support or attorneys fees to either party.

It was previously revealed that their relationship was reportedly strained after the designer and mogul announced his 2020 대통령을 위해 출마하다. During his campaign, West told an audience that he and Kardashian considered abortion early on in their relationship at a rally in South Carolina.


얼마 후, West went on a Twitter rant stating he wanted a divorce. He also shared unsubstantiated suspicions that Kardashian cheated on him with rapper Meek Mill when she attended a prison reform event.

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더욱이, neither party listed a date of separation in their split filings, 과 TMZ에 따르면, although the former pair’s communication had been rocky with West reportedly changing his phone numbers on his ex-wife – he and Kardashian are said to be doing much better now.

The pair tied the knot in May 2014 before calling it quits in February.

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