Karen Olivo leaving Broadway's 'Moulin Rouge'

Tony-winning actress Karen Olivo has announced she is leaving the Broadway production ofMoulin Rouge! 音乐剧” due to a lack of response by the theater community over allegations producer Scott Rudin verbally and physically abused numerous staff members at his production company over the years.

Olivo made the announcement on Instagram的 星期三, “For all of ya’ll who don’t hear me, the silence about Scott Rudin — 不可接受的. Unacceptable. That’s the easy one, ya’ll. That’s a monster. That should be a no-brainer.
While Rudin is not a producer onMoulin Rouge,” some of his other Broadway productions includeTo Kill a Mockingbird” 和 “The Book of Mormon.The news of Olivo’s exit comes after a report last week by 好莱坞记者 regarding Rudin’s allegedvolcanic temperby at least a dozen former employees, some of whom accused Rudin of physical abuse that included smashing a computer monitor on a staff member’s hand.
    Through a spokesperson, Rudin declined to comment on any of the allegations in the THR report. CNN has reached out to Rudin’s representatives for comment.
      Moulin Rouge!” producers issued a statement, which was obtained by CNN, in response to Olivo’s announcement.
        ‘Moulin Rouge! 音乐剧’ is forever indebted to Karen Olivo’s artistry, passion, and craft in creating the role of Satine on stage,” 他们的声明读了. “We applaud and support Karen’s advocacy work to create a safe, 多样的, and equitable theater industry for all. Karen has been an indelible influence on our show from its beginning, and words cannot properly express our gratitude. We wish Karen great success, and above all, love.




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