Karl Rove on new Fox News poll showing growing number of voters feel Biden 'too liberal'

バイデン トランプ, クリントン, しかし、オバマと両方のブッシュに追い抜かれた, IN POLLING PARISON

KARL ROVE: The poll then goes on to ask a question on spending-the administration’s spending proposals and 47% of Americans say that there has been too much spending, のみ 17% say it’s about right. だが, that shows why this is going to be an important election for both parties because while 47% did say too much, 33% said about right and 17% said not enough.

そう, if you take a look at that, we’re a divided country because if you take the 47% saying too much and the 50% saying about right or not enough. So this group down here—the 33% that say about right are gonna have to be convinced by the Democrats that it’s about right, but the Republicans are gonna have to convince some of those people that it’s too much.

We’re likely to see this benefit Republicans in swing areas and there’s some evidence out that the swing areas in the country are slightly more conservative than the nation as a whole.