Karl Rove: PA and NC primaries are showing Republican turnout is larger than Democratic turnout

KARL ROVE: Take a look at Pennsylvania. Four years ago, 737,000 people voted in the Republican primary. This year, 1,338,000. Seven-hundred, seventy-six thousand people voted four years ago in the Democratic primary, outnumbered the Republicans, this year they had a 1,252,000 — 79% increase in the Republican vote. Sixty-one percent of the Democrat and the Republicans outnumber them. Worse in North Carolina. North Carolina, four years ago, 294,000 Republicans. This year, 759. That’s a 158% increase. Democrats went from 432 to 613. So again, the Republicans outnumber the Democrats in North Carolina as well as in Pennsylvania, an exact reversal of four years ago.

I’m happy with the idea that Republican turnout is larger than Democratic turnout. Not necessarily happy with all the outcomes because quality of candidates and quality of message matters in the general election.


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