Karl Rove warns Democrats are 'blowing smoke' if they think massive spending will lead to 2022 勝利

別の民主党が潜在的に辞任することを決定 2022 ELECTION DAY ROUT APPROACHES

「バリー: He’s the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and he says all this spending is going to bring us victory in 2022, and that’s baloney. Wall Street Journal NBC poll in October- which party is better on the issue of the economy? 共和党員 45, 民主党 27. Who’s better on controlling inflation? We’re all seeing that at the grocery [お店] and the gas pump. 共和党員 45, 民主党 21. 犯罪- who’s better? 共和党員 43, 民主党 21. The author of the poll pointed out this is the biggest advantage for the Republican Party since these questions began being asked over 30 数年前. So the Democrats areblowing smoke at themselves if they think that the answer to this coming election is spend more of the people’s money, because that’s going to give us victory at the polls. Not going to happen.