Kathy Hilton admits daughter Paris' partying days were 'scary': 'It got very out of control'

Hilton comparte a Nicky, 38, y París, 40, with her husband Rick Hilton and admitted while on SiriusXM’s Lunch with Bruce podcast that she worried about her elder daughter’s safety constantly. The couple also shares sons Conrad, 27, and Barron, 31.

There was a moment. I was actually worried about Paris for a good while. And she was sneaking out and she’d go missing and I wouldn’t be able to find her,” Hilton said of Parispartying days in New York City and Los Angeles. “And let’s put it this way. It got very out of control and I was scared for her. And my husband was very scared for her. Y sabes, those nightclubs go on all night.

los “Amas de casa reales de Beverly Hillsstar called that period of timevery scaryand there were nightsI did not sleep.


How about for two days, not knowing where your daughter is, and once hearing blood-curdling screaming, and then the phone hangs up. quiero decir, there’s a lot of stuff people don’t know,” Hilton recalled.

I used to call the city desk really at the New York Post. En realidad. I would call the city desk and say at one in the morning, ‘Excuse me, hi, it’s Kathy Hilton. Oh, do you, by any chance know, Paris where she is right now, derecho?’ Usually, they’d be able to track exactly. She was seen at 11:47 o 12:43 at O Bar or this spot. quiero decir, this is the way I lived,” ella dijo.

Kathy Hilton (R) said Paris Hilton (L) would missing for days at a time during her partying era.

Kathy Hilton (R) said Paris Hilton (L) would missing for days at a time during her partying era. (Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic for Fashion Media)

París, along with friends Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan, were known for clubbing in the early 2000s and dubbedparty girls.


En una entrevista con U.K.’sWeekend Today” en 2018, Paris reflected on her past behavior saying, “I was the first person to ever get paid to party and it was a very lucrative business and I’ve turned it into a worldwide empire.

“Asi que, I think when a lot of people would see me at these parties and events they didn’t really realize I was actually there working,” she reasoned.

Fans got a behind-the-scenes look at Parislife from her 2020 documental “This Is Paris.” In a trailer, she teased how a trauma she suffered in her childhood shaped her life and forced her to create a public persona, or a character, who is very different from how she feels inside.

En una entrevista con Gente, el primero “Simple Lifestar revealed she was verbally and mentally abused at the Provo Canyon School in Utah, where she was enrolled for 11 months at age 17.

Paris said her parents made the decision to send her to controversial boarding school after she pulled a series of stunts includingsneaking out and going to clubs and partieswhile living at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Nueva York.




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