Katie Pavlich: There is no room in the Democratic Party to be pro-life

KATIE PAVLICH: Midterms, of course, are base turnout elections. That’s why they’re doing this. But the truth is that they continue to argue that this bill was about codifying Roe. That’s absolutely not true. This bill was extreme. It would wipe out basically all state laws when it came to restricting abortion. The majority of Americans believe that abortion should be restricted after 15 weeks. It would force religious institutions to conduct the procedure. It also would get rid of consent laws for parental consent, which 70% of the country supports. And so for Democrats, they’re using this to get out their base, understanding that the rest of the country really is not where they are when it comes to unlimited a number of months, when it comes to abortion and late term, which the country does not get on board with in any sense of the term, especially on the state level.





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