Kayleigh McEnany rips Biden's COVID hypocrisy: 'No one has politicized this virus more'

OMICRON 변종은 '우려의 원인'입니다., 공황의 원인이 아님,’ BIDEN SAYS

케일리 매시니: ㅏt the end of the day, 조 바이든 대통령만큼 이 바이러스를 정치화한 사람은 없습니다.. You have the mask-wearing incident there, you have Kamala saying on the campaign trail, If Donald Trump tells me to take the vaccine, I won’t take it. You had Biden mimicking that rhetoric. Then they get into office. Yay, take the vaccine. That should have been the message back on the campaign trail as well on travel restrictions. Trump’s xenophobic for this, and now all of a sudden travel restrictions work. Are you sensing a pattern here? Because you should. It is a politicization of this virus on this campaign trail. They dismiss the policies; they eschewed the policies they are now putting in place. They were always effectiveWhere’s the consistency rather than outright politicization of COVID 19?


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