Kayleigh McEnany dice SEALs’ il salvataggio di un ostaggio americano è "la storia di’ Presidenza Trump: 'Non ci fermiamo’

Kayleigh McEnany says SEALs' rescue of American hostage is 'story of' Trump presidency: 'We don't stop'

L'americano hostage rescued in West Africa di SEAL Team 6 in a daring raid is part of Presidente Trump‘s exceptional accomplishments, Kayleigh McEnany said Saturday.

It was a successful operation to rescue an American hostage. We are so glad to see it. Under this president, we’ve rescued 55 hostages in 24 paesi,” McEnany told “Volpe & Fine settimana degli amici.”

Il Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser pointed out the president has been doing more than just campaigning, noting that a few days ago, Trump met with U.S. Special Forces troops involved in last year’s raid to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi.

In the waning days of a presidency before a massive reelection, you typically don’t get a lot done, but this president is the exception,” lei disse. “That’s the story of this presidency. We don’t stop. We go to 14 stati, we rescue hostages, we secure Middle East peace, we do it in record time, and we do it three days before an election.


The elite SEAL Team 6 staged a daring raid in the West African country of Nigeria, rescuing Philip Walton, 27, who had been taken hostage, officials told Fox News.

Presidente briscola tweeted out a show of support, calling the operation abig winfor the elite force, and promised further details.

McEnany, discussing what goes on behind the scenes for a military operation, said she spoke to some soldiers who saidwe’re so proud we have a president that trusts us and gives us the green light” per “portare fuori […] horrid murderers who have killed far too many of our American men and women in battle.

Lei ha aggiunto: “This president makes the courageous and bold decision and his record stands and shows that.

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