Kayleigh McEnany sounds off on media's 'softball questions for Biden


ケイリー・マケナニー: ブライアン・ステルターは左翼のラップドッグであり、真面目なジャーナリストではありません, 私は誰もがそのクリップから見分けることができると思います, but Brian, I wish he would’ve given me a question like that. You know what are you doing wrong is the press, well let me give you a clue Brian, maybe asking about Joe Biden’s dog from the White House press briefing room, asking about Joe Biden’s cat, asking about what Joe Biden thinks about the color scheme on Air Force One and on day one how it felt to walk in the Oval. We did not get questions like that. The question I received was is the President glad that the south lost the Civil War. It was that kind of inane, ludicrous coverage of the Trump administration that stands in such stark contrast to what the press is doing wrong in Joe Biden’s America.

Huckabee also mentioned Stelter’s recent ratings drop.

MIKE HUCKABEE: Here was Brian Stelter’s question. He is basically was saying this to Jen Psaki, “Jen, what flavor of syrup would you like for us to pour on your pancakes because honey we just need to make it as sweet as possible for you.This is the guy that took a picture of himself not wearing pants when he was doing one of his hits on television. Most people when they get exposed like that, it’s because the camera accidentally tilted down. He actually did it on purpose because he was really proud of that. If he had taken a look at that picture, he wouldn’t have been that proud, but his ratings are down 53% just since January. This is the guy whose career has collapsed. I don’t think Sean, that you’ve got anything to worry about that Brian is slipping upon you, don’t worry about it. Especially if he ever takes his pants off again, his career is over.