Kellyanne Conway asks what happened to the Democratic Party's 'youth'

KELLYANNE CONWAY: The Democratic Party prides itself on saying they’re about youth, energía, optimism. They have a bunch of angry, viejo, white octogenarians running their party. It starts at Joe Biden. It also includes Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate, para ellos, Nancy Pelosi, the leader in the House. Everybody looks like they’re sucking on 12 limones. No joy on the job.


But just circling back to the anger problem — it’s a serious thing. Sometimes it’s very scary and frightening to see, for this reason. Presidents, especially Democratic presidents in the past, have always been seen as compassionate and caring about you. Joe Biden’s personal attributes have been in the tank for about eight months now. He’s not getting that back. Everything he promised to do, unify, be compassionate, show empathy — he just doesn’t have it and it shows.


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