Kellyanne Conway blasts President Biden for ignoring the concerns of Americans

KELLYANNE CONWAY: So, anyway you look at it, this is a country in crisis, chaos, crisis and the president is not doing anything about it. Look … at the polls. Climate change and COVID are now way below inflation, immigrasie, onderwys, crime and of course national security as a top issue. And so John Kerry just wants to be popular at Davos. He wants to make sure that he’s lecturing the rest of us over his furrowed brow and that he’s popular among the fashionable crowd internationally. Joe Biden continues to confound me in this way. He is not meeting the issues that Americans are very clearly telling every pollster are most important to them. So he’s not even preaching. He’s not even preaching to the choir. He’s talking in the middle of a road to absolutely no one with actually his back to the cameras.


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