Kellyanne Conway reageer op Biden wat bedanking beveel het: 'Ironic' he decides who's qualified with the military

Conway, who had been appointed to a term on the board of the Amerikaanse. Lugmag Akademie, was een van 18 aangesteldes – wat ook veral afgetrede V.S. Vlootreserwebevelvoerder Sean Spicer, Trump’s former press secretary – whom Biden threatened to fire if they did not quickly resign.

Aan “Hannity”, host Sean Hannity noted how Conway’s initial response to Biden was that she won’t resign but that he should.

I’m not sure that’s legal but it certainly is low-class,” Conway said. “Let me explain what these positions are. We are volunteers, we are appointed for three years by a president, in hierdie geval, President Trump.

She recalled being asked by Trump what volunteer board position she wanted, whether it be the Holocaust Museum or Fulbright Scholarship panel, and that she had responded by requesting a military service academy.

I had veterans in my policy portfolio all four years and I met so many people along the way and was so impressed with so many of the policies,” sy het gese. “Working for a president that had four consecutive budgets wherein we invested over $ 700 billion each time…equipping them with what they needed, and generously resourcing them in addition to everything he did for veterans.

Conway added that Trump and Biden have had two very disparate effects on the Amerikaanse. militêre and its missions:

The president I worked for had a strategic action that resulted as commander-in-chief of the deaths of two major terrorists; al-Baghdadi and Soleimani. President Biden’s reckless actions resulted in the death of 13 diens lede: That is why I think he should resign.


She called Biden themost experienced and least qualifiedpresident in terms of being commander-in-chief and said America should have listened to the 20 other Democrats in the 2020 race that warned against him – noting his own now-Vice President Kamala Harris called him a racist for opposing busing.

Billionaires, socialists, you had an American Samoan – that’s Tulsi Gabbard not Elizabeth Warren, don’t get confused, almal — and they ended up with Joe Biden who no one wanted,” sy het gese.

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