Kellyanne Conway shocked at how stubborn Biden is with his agenda

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Joe Biden‘s got nobody happy. I think the only thing declining more than Joe Biden’s approval ratings is Joe Biden. And people now see that they’re talking about 2024. I find that to be very arrogant, at best. Ukrainians are suffering. Americans are suffering under the yoke of inflation and border insecurity, crime is rising in our cities, kids are still trying to catch up from that loss. So we have real problems and pain here, and he’s talking about his 2024 political prospects. But I have never seen a president and a vice president’s numbers fall so precipitously and them not wanting to listen and learn. Obama and Bill Clinton – the only President Clinton we’ll ever have – they both suffered grievous losses in their first midterm elections and snapped back around, moderated a little bit and won reelection. Joe Biden shows no signs of his willingness or his ability to do that. 


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