Kevin McCarthy: Dems could have condemned Maxine Waters' rhetoric, but instead they condoned it

KEVIN MCCARTHY: Well, every Democrat and Speaker Pelosi had the opportunity to condemn this violent rhetoric. Instead, they condoned it, which only makes the House of Representatives and the Justice Department weaker. This isn’t political. We’ve watched Maxine Waters say this before. If you see him at a gas station, you see him in a restaurant, get in their face, tell him they’re not wanted. She travels to a place that is not her district right before a jury is going to hear the final verdict, and what does she do? She brings violence where the judge himself said it was abhorrent, that here we had justice system work.

What happened to George Floyd should never happen to anyone. He was killed. He was murdered, and the justice system worked yesterday. But now the judge even raised the issue because of Maxine Waters. An appeal could move forward to disrupt our justice system when we have an opportunity here to heal some wounds and come together for a more perfect union. That type of rhetoric does not help and condoning it does not help the system work either.

Yesterday, it was an easy vote to have censure. It was, I think across all Americans would agree, not just my words, because they were none of my words in that resolution. All I did was quote the judge. Yep. And she could disrupt something that the judicial system just worked and proved, finding this officer guilty. But what if he wins on an appeal because she went to Minnesota and told people to have violence, that America itself would be in an uproar? She had an opportunity to condemn it, but they condoned it. 


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