Kevin McCarthy rips Dems' HR 1 conto: It goes against the Constitution

MCCARTHY: H.R. 1 is the most important bill for the Democrats, that’s why it’s the number one bill. It has nothing to do about the pandemic, putting people back to work or kids back in school. It has everything to do about them keeping their power … It actually politicizes a bipartisan Federal Election Commission to weight it on the Democratic side. It takes hardworking taxpayer money and gives it to candidates not by a dollar for dollar, but six to one. So if AOC raises two hundred dollars online, tu, the hardworking taxpayer, has to give her twelve hundred. It then goes against the Constitution, federalizes the campaigns, but then it goes around the states.


I’m worried about this because you see what Joe Manchin is saying today, that automatic voter registration, that you do it through DMVs. That’s what we found in California, multiple cases of fraud. You don’t want to have an I.D. because that’s what H.R. does, takes away anybody seeing an ID. And when you listen to President Joe Biden criticize the Georgia bill that allows people to vote early, allows the opportunity to do it. Delaware doesn’t do that. They don’t read the bill, but they’re making this falsity about what these states are doing, bringing greater accountability. Which American doesn’t want to have accountability in their elections?


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