KFC Singapore suggests putting its new cheese sauce on competing fast-food items

KFC Singapore suggests putting its new cheese sauce on competing fast-food items

If there’s one thing that KFC is known for, it’s chicken. But apparently, KFC in Singapore is also really proud of its cheese sauce and thinks it should go on everything.

Even food that KFC doesn’t sell.

The Singapore arm of the fast-food chain launched a new ad campaign for its cheese sauce that uses the slogan “Everything’s better with KFCheese” — and they do mean everything. In a video uploaded to Youtube, the cheese sauce is shown being poured onto a variety of KFC products (chicken, french fries, etc), but also food from competing restaurants.

KFC, '홀리데이 버킷'으로 치킨 판매’ 60 년대와 70 년대부터 '단순한 시간'을 없애기 위해’

As the ad ends, the cheese sauce is poured onto a box of french fries designed to look like the famous McDonald’s fry container, and a burger that looks very similar to a Whopper. 물론이야, the ad doesn’t specifically call these items by those names.

Everything’s better with KFCheese. Now that feels finger-licking good,” the ad suggests via voiceover, before panning to reveal the two very familiar-looking items covered in cheese sauce. “예. Everything,” the ad concludes.

In addition to competitorsfoods, KFC Singapore claims its cheese sauce pairs perfectly with a new cheesy chicken sandwich (which comes in a single or stacked version).

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Oddly, another restaurant chain recently mentioned its competitors in its advertising, although that campaign seemed to have a nicer intent. 폭스 뉴스 이전에보고 된 that Burger King U.K. encouraged fans to order from competitors like McDonald’s, in a show of support for the restaurant industry as England enters a second national lockdown to curb the coronavirus.

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In an apparent gesture of goodwill, the chain’s U.K. office posted the notice to Twitter, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a four-week lockdown to fight COVID-19 as infection rates are projected to rapidly rise. From Nov. 5 to Dec. 2, bars and restaurants in England have been ordered to remain closed for general service, and can only offer takeout, delivery, or call-ahead ordering.

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