Kraft is cooking up pink mac & cheese for Valentine's Day

One of the greatest duos of all timemacaroni and cheeseis getting a Valentine’s Day makeover.

The Kraft Heinz Company is giving away 1,000 boxes of pink Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese to celebrate Cupid’s big day.
Giveaway winners will receive a box of the classic macaroni and cheese along with a candy flavor packet that turns the traditionally orange dish pink and adds a hint of sweet flavor, Kraft said.
Kraft mac &앰프; cheese is turning pink for Valentine's Day.

Winners will receive their prize in time for Valentine’s Day, so it can be enjoyed with a side of champagne, chocolate or candy hearts.
    Whether you’re lucky in love or celebrating solo, you can enter to win the pink mac & cheese at Kraft’s 웹 사이트 through February 8.




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