Kris Jenner shares divorce advice amid Kim Kardashian's split from Kanye West

Kardashian-Jenner 모계는 두 번 이혼했습니다 — 첫 남편에게서, 고 로버트 카다시안, 그리고 Caitlyn Jenner에서.

The famed momager discussed the significance of having priorities when ending a marriage, especially if the exes involved share little ones. She spoke about the topic in a video interview with WSJ. 매거진.


Kris Jenner has been through two divorces herself.

Kris Jenner has been through two divorces herself. (로이터)

I think the most important thing that I learned through my experience, both of my experiences, is that the kids come first,” 제너, 65, 공유. “I think if you keep that in the front of your mind, and know that they are gonna get you through, that the love is gonna get you through, no matter how much you’re hurting.

제너, who has been dating Corey Gamble for several years, also admitted divorcescan get really silly.

And by silly, I mean the things that we put ourselves through and sometimes focus on, that’s so unnecessary, I think you just really have to try to focus on what the priority is,” 그녀는 설명했다. “그리고 나를 위해, even at the very young age that I was at at the time, I felt like I knew that this huge responsibility was on me.

Kris was previously married to Kardashian from 1978 ...에 1991. She went on to marry Jenner in 1991 but they divorced after 22 결혼 생활.

Kanye West reportedly responded to Kim Kardashian's divorce filing last week.

Kanye West reportedly responded to Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing last week. (데니스 트루셀로/WireImage)

최근에, the mom-of-six revealed that she was initially clueless about the family finances when she was married to Kardashian. 하나, after she split from him, a then-36-year-old Jenner was immediately forced to get her money management skills in order.

In a telling recollection, Jenner reveals a conversation she had with a close friend that left her feeling “당황스러운” about her lack of awareness of her financials.

“어느 날, my friend Shelli Azoff said to me when I was going through my divorce [from Robert], ‘How much is your gardener?’ 그리고 나는 말했다, ‘I don’t know,'” Jenner revealed. “And she said, ‘You don’t know?’ That was the turning point for me: I was embarrassed that I didn’t know.

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그 동안에, 김, 40, is currently in the middle of divorcing West, 43. 그만큼 Yeezy boss responded to his estranged wife’s divorce petition last week and is reportedly seeking joint legan and physical custody, as is Kim, of their four children — 북쪽, 7, 성자, 5, 시카고, 3, 그리고 시편, 1 – just as Kardashian did in her initial divorce petition on Feb. 19.

The pair tied the knot in May 2014 before calling it quits in February.

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