Krispy Kreme is offering free doughnuts and 'I Voted' stickers on Election Day

Krispy Kreme wants to get people celebratingdoughmocracy.

The doughnut chain announced on Tuesday that it will give visitors the iconic “나는 투표했다” 상표, as well as a free doughnut, in honor of Election Day on November 3.
There is no proof of voting required to participate. 하나, Krispy Kreme officials hope the free goods are a draw to thoseout and about.
If you’re out and about on Election Day, we want to thank you by giving you a free Original Glazed doughnut,” Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena said in a statement. “And if you didn’t get your ‘I Votedsticker because you voted before election day, we’ve got you covered there too.
    This is not the first time Krispy Kreme has given away free doughnuts to mark an important event.
    올해 초, the company gave outGraduate Dozenboxes to high school or college seniors whose graduation ceremonies were canceled due of the coronavirus pandemic.

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