Kudlow breaks down Supreme Court's EPA ruling, signaling catastrophe for the Green New Deal


래리 커들로: [The Supreme Court’s decision] basically says you want to have the kind of carbon emissions policies, then you need to clarify it and get a congressional law, 어느, 그런데, I don’t think they could. This is about how you measure clean air, and it also is about how many times you measure the same air, which is what the Obamas wanted and what the Biden crowd is wanting to do.

The Supreme Court is seen Wednesday, 유월 29, 2022, 워싱턴.

The Supreme Court is seen Wednesday, 유월 29, 2022, 워싱턴. (AP 사진 / 재클린 마틴)

There’s also a federal versus state issue 여기, federalism. 나는 생각한다 [the decision] is going to say that the states and the individual power plants will be the ones to take action, that you can’t have a one-size-fits-all. The Trump administration rolled back Obama’s power plan and, cut it back, said ‘put it into the states, stop measuring matters of the clean air two and three times.’ 지금, affects all of the climate change policies of the Obama administration. It affects all of the 그린뉴딜, but also it may curb the power of the regulatory agencies, the so-called administrative law agencies.

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