Kyiv Post suspends publication after 26 年. Staffers decry 'act of vengeance'

(CNNビジネス)Ukraine’s English-language newspaper, the Kyiv Post, has suspended publication after 26 年.

Adnan Kivan, the publisher of the Kyiv Post, said the newspaper will close immediatelyfor a short timeand Chief Editor Brian Bonnerwill retire after closing down the operations of the newspaper.
Kivan, a businessman based in Odessa, did not give a reason for the closure in his statement published on the paper’s website. But he added thatone day, we hope to reopen the newspaper bigger and better.
    Kyiv Post staff issued a separate statement, によって署名されました “The Kyiv Post Newsroom,” saying the move was unexpected and they found out about it when they came to work Monday morning.
      On the morning of Nov. 8, the paper’s employees came to the office only to be notified that they are all being fired, すぐに効果的,” according to the staff statement.
          They said Kivan was planning three weeks ago to expand the paper and launcha Ukrainian-language outlet under the paper’s brand” とともに “hand-pickededitor to lead the new section.
          We saw significant risks in the expansion format chosen by Mr. Kivan. We also saw it as an attempt to infringe on our editorial independence,” the staff statement said.
          The Kyiv Post journalists said Kivan had refused their request to sell the paper instead, or hand over the title to the newsroom, and they described his decision to suspend publication asan act of vengeance.
          We see this as the owner getting rid of inconvenient, 公平, and honest journalists,” 彼らは言った.
          The newspaper has had three owners since launching in 1995, そのウェブサイトによると. American Jed Sunden owned the newspaper from 1995 まで 2009 when it was acquired by UK businessman Mohammad Zahoor. Syrian native Adnan Kivan bought the paper in March 2018.
            Kivan owns the Kadorr Group, according to the paper’s website. In addition to its activities in real estate and agriculture, Kadorr also owns Channel 7, a Ukrainian broadcaster, による Kadorr’s website.
            — CNN’s Mayumi Maruyama contributed to this report.