LA는 거리 경주를 억제하는 것을 목표로합니다; family of woman killed by speeding Lamborghini says it's not enough

시의원 모니카 로드리게스, 지난 달에 법안을 도입한 사람, noted that street racing “일반적으로 넓은 영역의 짧은 섹션에서 발생합니다., straight local road with low levels of traffic volumes and easy access to freeways.

To combat that, Tuesday’s motion will instruct the LAPD Street Racing Task Force and LA Department of Transportation to examine how traffic-calming measures likespeed humps, rumble strips, raised center medians, curb extensions, and traffic circlescan be used to stop street racing.

The LAPD said last month that 437 사람들 have been arrested so far this year in connection with illegal street takeovers and racing.