LA County sheriff rips 'woke' Gascon's soft on crime policies: His support for victims is 'too late'

LA 카운티 보안관이 '깨어나다': LA 카운티 보안관이 '깨어나다'. LA 카운티 보안관이 '깨어나다', LA 카운티 보안관이 '깨어나다'. LA 카운티 보안관이 '깨어나다', 검은 생명의 문제, the woke policies of defunding law enforcement, and believing that letting more people out of prison, holding them with lower sentences for violent crimes, somehow is going to reduce recidivism when the exact opposite is happening.

The first year in office, 12,000 cases he refused to prosecute that we arrested, we investigated. Lights and sirens, emergency cases, all ranges of cases – 12,000 cases in one year only. That means 12,000 potential criminals or criminals back out on the street immediately, who never were held accountable for their actions. That only emboldens the criminal community further, and he’s singing the praises of reforms that are not working.


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