LA Sheriff: Excessive speed caused Tiger Woods' crash

VILLANUEVA: Bien, we have video of him entering the vehicle, driving, obeying all the rules of the road, and up to the point where Hawthorne Boulevard going northbound there’s a straightaway that starts going downhill then it curves to the right. And at the time of the first contact with the center median, he was going between 84 y 87 miles an hour, and that speed is unsafe for the road conditions. So that is the first cause. The second is, he went in a straight line where the roaded to the right and then by the time he crossed the median, hit the side, hit the west side of the road, the curb and a tree, he was going about 75 miles an hour. So this is evidence that came out of the black box.

According to the investigator, that suggested at the time he made the first collision and in a panic, he pressed down what he thought was a brake. Looks like it was the accelerator itself. That’s why you had the 99-plus on the accelerator side and zero on the braking side.





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