LA teachers union head bashed for claiming kids 'didn't lose anything' during lockdowns

On Thursday, Los Angeles Magazine published an interview with United Teachers Los Angeles President Cecily Myart-Cruz to discuss her insistence on keeping her district’s schools closed despite impacting thousands of students. Myart-Cruz then made the bold claim that kids “didn’t lose anything” in learning and also learned “survival” as well as “the words insurrection and coup.”


“Our kids didn’t lose anything. It’s okay that our babies may not have learned all their times tables. They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup,” she said.

Although the interview was released on Thursday, Myart-Cruz’s quotes have caused an uproar on Twitter.

Reason senior editor Robby Soave tweeted “She’s bragging that parents and children are powerless to stop her!”

“’Our kids didn’t lose anything.’ Real doozy of an interview with the head of LA’s teachers union,” New York Times writer Eliza Shapiro wrote 

Wall Street Journal writer Ben Fritz tweeted “Only two paragraphs into this profile of United Teachers Los Angeles president Cecily Myart-Cruz and… wow.”

Myart-Cruz previously received backlash in March for referring to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to return to in-person teaching as “propagating structural racism.”

“If you condition funding on the reopening of schools, that money will only go to White and wealthier schools that don’t have the transmission rates that low-income, Black and Brown communities do,” Myart-Cruz said. “This is a recipe for propagating structural racism, and it is deeply unfair to the students we serve.”

Newsom also offered L.A. County schools $ 6.6 billion in incentives to reopen schools by April 1.

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