Lady Gaga confirms she will star in 'Joker' sequel alongside Joaquin Phoenix

It’s hard to keep a poker face with this “小丑” 续集新闻.

Lady Gaga宣布她将与华金·菲尼克斯一起出演即将上映的续集 “小丑。”
托德·菲利普斯, 谁指导并共同编写了 2019 film first teased “小丑: Folie à Deux” 早在 六月.
    Gaga revealed in her musical teaser that the new film is slated to be released October 4, 2024.
      No details were provided about her role. But Variety reported earlier this summer that Gaga had been in talks to play Harley Quinn in a musical sequel.
          Actress Margot Robbie has previously played the role in three DC films — 2016的 “自杀小队,” 2020的 “Birds of Preyand 2021’sThe Suicide Squad.” (CNN shares its parent company with Warner Bros., which is behind those films, 以及 “小丑” and its sequel.)
          “小丑” 曾经是一个 box office hit and earned star Phoenix his first Oscar for his role as the title character.