Lady Gaga lookalike Julyana Al-Sadeq competes at Tokyo Olympics

Not quite — but her little monsters were shocked to see an Olympian with an uncanny resemblance to the “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” singer competing at the Tokyo Olympics.


Julyana Al-Sadeq, 26, a taekwondo competitor representing Jordan, drew a lot of attention when people on social media noticed surprising similarities between the two.

Gaga Daily, the largest fansite dedicated to the 35-year-old pop queen, garnered almost 24,000 likes for a tweet that reads, “Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics?”

Another Twitter user chimed in, “There can be a hundred people at the olympics and one of them is Lady Gaga competing for a taekwondo medal.”

A third gained almost 3,000 likes for her tweet saying, “lady gaga said ‘f—k grammys and oscars, i want a gold olympic medal now.'”

Users humorously tweeted that Lady Gaga trained for the Olympics to promote her new album “Chromatica,” which debuted last year.

Others joked that her Grammy and Oscar awards were not enough, so why not aim for an Olympic gold medal?

Gaga Daily also posted a four-image grid on Twitter of other Gaga lookalikes, including a judge and a firewoman.

Lady Gaga has also been considered a doppelgänger to Amy Winehouse since many said Lady Gaga was actually the late singer because of how much she resembled the late “Rehab” star.

Not everyone could see the similarities between the two, though. One user pointed out that she looked more like Anne Hathaway than the 35-year-old.

Lady Gaga’s doppelgänger was knocked out of the women’s 67kg category in the round of 16 by Brazil’s Milena Titoneli.

Al-Sadeq previously won the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in the women’s 67 kg category.

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