Lahren '심하게 병든’ 지지한다고 주장하는 사람들은’ 트럼프, 국회 의사당 경찰 2 명 사망

Lahren 'gravely sickened' that those who 'claim to support' Trump caused deaths of two Capitol police officers

폭스 네이션 host Tomi Lahren paid tribute to two Capitol police officers who lost their lives following last week’s riot, telling viewers on Tuesday that she isgravely sickened to know [그] those who claim to support our president are to blame.

Officer Brian Sicknick, 42, died Thursday night from injuries suffered while defending the Capitol last Wednesday. 그만큼 우리. 국회 의사당 경찰 (USCP) on Sunday also 발표 the off-duty death of Officer Howard Liebengood, 51, who had served with the department since April 2005.

When I say this sickens me, I mean it truly sickens me,” Lahren said on her Fox Nation show Final Thoughts.It sickens me to know two decent, honorable and heroic officers lost their lives and it sickens me, even more, to know it was due to, or at the hands of, people who claim to be my fellow patriots and supporters of our president.

하나, Lahren cautioned viewers against labeling thethe mob of anarchist, fringe thugsresponsible for the attack as Trump supporters, “even if that’s what they proclaimed to be.


The violent behavior that resulted in five deaths represents theexact opposite of what a true patriot, a true conservative, a true Trump supporter stands for,” the Fox Nation host argued.

A real and true Trump supporter would never attack, harass, beat or assault an officer of the law out there simply fulfilling the duty to protect and serve.

The events at the Capitol were apoor representation of a movement that loves, respects and supports the blue,” said Lahren, who added: “We will never let that happen again under the false banner of conservative values or Donald Trump.

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